Bouquets with tillandsia!

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We create so many bouquets every year for lots of awesome brides…and I just love using tillandsia and succulents!  Not only do they create a lush, organic aesthetic, but you can remove them from the bouquet after your wedding and they will live on with just a little care :)  Special!

RosePetal AisleRunner

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I’m loving the look of a lush aisle runner of rose petals!  It’s not too pricey, and really makes the aisle stand out aesthetically, which it should.

This is from a wedding we did in early October, and the rose colors are mixes of reds, oranges, and creams.  We can do pretty much any color combination…I’m thinking a nice fade would look amazing, from cream to some deeper color up front.  Lots of fun possibilities here!

The Bellevue Ravine Experience

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The Bellevue Botanical Gardens has installed a giant suspension bridge through the forest, and we are so lucky to have been able to try to re-create, in miniature, a part of this process for someone who worked on it!  Last week, we got a call from a couple in Seattle that wanted to send their friends something thoughtful, and we went to task!  Matt is amazing with what he can do in the woodshop!  The first step was to try to find a miniature construction crane.  We ran around town, but when nothing was quite right, you bet Matt built one!  That guy…

Next, we had to figure out how to recreate the look of the bridge entrance, so we could make it look like it was in the process of being built.  Matt and I spent all night brainstorming this one…looking at our modeling clay, thinking of glue and stones.  Nothing was quite perfect, so…you guessed it…Matt went to work in the woodshop to build it.  I can’t believe how realistic the faux stones look!  Compared to the real bridge, it’s ridiculously accurate!

Finally, putting it all together with plants, mosses, lichens, and branching to create a Pacific Northwest forest scene.

So. Cool.  No joke.  This is why we love what we do.  The opportunity to help create a meaningful, gracious gift…thank you, Kris and Brett, for allowing us the chance to work with you!  We sent a picture to show what we had made, and received the most touching email in response, it had everyone tearing up.  Seriously.  Warms my heart.  Hugs for all!





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hehehe….like that’s even possible these days!  Seriously, though, I have been relying too heavily on facebook, and not updating this blog! (Insert small slap on wrist here).

So….what have we been doing?  Well, what haven’t we been doing?

Unique requests

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We absolutely LOVE to honor an unusual request…it’s what we do best!  Last weekend, we had the chance to create a fun arrangement for the Butterworth family.  Of course, when a Butterworth is getting married, there has to be a vintage Mrs. Butterworth syrup container to create an interesting little landscape for.  We did just that, nestling the glass lady amongst some unusual floral elements, and setting her up with a nice pink ‘do.


A few weeks before Mrs. Butterworth, we got a call from Nintendo.  Seems one of their consultants loves fairies…so matt went to work making a miniature fairy from sculpey, while I create an other-worldly garden for her to live in.  We used REAL butterfly wings to attach to her back…seriously awesome.  I can’t believe how great she turned out!  Each hair strand was rolled out individually, and her leaf outfit is incredible!  Matt is a super star at creating ANYTHING!  We are soooo lucky to be able to work together :)


Earlier in the year, a call came in from LA…someone working on a movie entitled “A Hole in the Fence”.  Seems someone else involved in the movie was staying here in Seattle, and a pertinent arrangement was needed for delivery.  So Matt took some wood from his shop and created some distressed-looking fence pieces (of course one had a hold in it), and we made another fun garden landscape piece!  I love creating these 3-D, diorama type arrangements…it’s kind of like painting with botanical textures and color.


So…if you have any specific requests, ideas, if someone loves beetles or seahorses…if you meet your future husband at the site of a meteorite crash…anything at all…we would love to create a custom arrangement for you!

Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

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This year, more than ever before, we are really getting a lot of engaged couples who are into the idea of having plants and terrariums as centerpieces for their wedding.  I LOVE IT!

I love flowers, of course.  BUT.  I love the idea of being able to take home your centerpieces and give them away as gifts (keeping one for yourself, for sure).  Our shop is filled with interesting little terrarium accents, so these pieces can really be customized for each couple.  Colorful dried insects?  Check.  Giant Geodes?  Check.  Fossils?  Check.  Gears and clocks for the steampunk in you?  Check.

Check check check.  We make it our goal to seek out the best natural wonders and oddities, and then combine these with glorious plant and botanical life.  Put it all behind glass and there it is.  An awesome, unique little world to make your wedding special.

Another great thing about terrarium centerpieces?  You can come on in and make your own!  A fun project for the creative DIY-er who wants a hand in decorating their wedding venue.  It might even make a fun bachelorette pre-party.  Call us and set it up…we’ll bring the wine and snacks, you bring your handy bridesmaids.  Everyone make a terrarium centerpiece, and then you can all head out for dinner and drinks.  We’re happy to give you a quick class to show you everything you need for plant-wonder creation.

Doing your own flowers can be stressful.  (Trust me on this one).  But you can do your own terrariums ahead of time, taking the last minute-ness out of your wedding plans.  And who wants to be stressing out just before the wedding?  No one does.

Living Stones!

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Way back when…back in Madison, Wisconsin…at my first garden-y job, I saw some lithops, or living stones, and bought them.  I loved how different they were, how unusual, and the fact that they try to disguise themselves as stones.  Ever since then, I have had a thing for these amazing little plants, but they can be tricky to care for.  This is the first season EVER IN MY LIFE that they have lived through their dormant season and started producing babies!  BABIES!

This picture doesn’t look like much, which is kinda the hard part.  From December – March, they go dormant, while underground is where the action is at.  During the winter, the “mother” plant begins to die, and the baby is underneath, growing, waiting for spring to pop up and through.  While the mother is dying, it looks like the plant is dying entirely.  That’s the hard part.  It’s during this winter period, when you want to leave these guys alone.  NO WATER.  DON’T PICK AT IT.  I just set them in a sunny window and ignored them.  I am rewarded now, in April, as I can see this hypothesis has worked, and you can see life returning.

The picture on the left shows the babies popping through the mom, kinda human-like.  The picture on the right shows the process a stage or two advanced.  The mom has completely shrivelled up and died, the babies are the new “moms”.

Great success!!!

Flower delivery

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We get a lot of people from out-of-town who know someone in Seattle that needs a bit of cheering up.   That’s what we’re here for!  We love to create unique pieces for that certain person who likes to see something a little different.

Hydrangea, protea, giant anthurium, bromeliad tips, pussy willow, and free spirit roses…ohhhh, nice!  A little serene, a little tropical, a little cheerful :)   I think this above piece is a nice mix of garden and exotic.

“Welcome to Mooseport”.  That’s what Matt said when I showed him this piece yesterday.  I can’t stop giggling about it!  This one is a bit more sculptural, which I LOVE!  I also really love using “botanical elements” as I call them, to compliment the flowers.  For this piece, I used dried, contorted pussy willow (the moose-ness of it) with a giant agate slice, which lights up when the sun in behind it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE rocks and sticks and all things that make us reflect on how truly amazing our planet is.  Combining these elements with some flowers makes for a long lasting, artistic piece that gets people talking.  Mooseport now lives at Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard, made especially for their 3 year anniversary.  We have a floral display there every week, so I always get to stretch my creative legs on these pieces.  FUN.


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We lichen them.  Well, I should say we LOVE them, and particularly Matt…he is their number one fan!

Lichens are amazing botanical creatures, and we are just now starting to offer these for sale in our shop.  All of our lichens are locally harvested and pesticide free.   We have a magnifying glass set up in front of some of the prize pieces here at the store, so you can see for yourself what amazing little life forms these guys are.

The picture shows a cladonia “pixie cup” lichen.  Spectacular in miniature terrariums.  Stop by to see these in person before they are gone…and they are seriously going fast!

Easiest plants to care for, hands down.  Lichens were taken into the vacuum of space and released to free float for fifteen days, after which they were brought back to earth STILL ALIVE and THRIVING.  Yes, if you have a black reverse thumb, you can keep these in your house.  They like light and water, like the rest of us living things.  However, should you forget to water (misting is the best way), rather than die, these will go dormant almost indefinitely.  Once they get misted again, they perk up and come back to their normal amazing earthly ways.

Lichens are a symbiosis of two plant forms:  an algae and a fungus.  Periodically, the fungal half goes to spore, and where the spores land, if they come in contact with the right type of algae, a new lichen is born.  There are over 20,000 known varieties of lichen, including the more common “reindeer lichen”, which gets it’s name due to the fact that it is a major food source for reindeer.  Back off, fat Santa!

Spring Blooming Branches

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Spring comes quickly in Seattle, and just as I was starting to get the boo hoos with the gray and cold and rain…I see it.  Yes, that is a cherry tree is blossom, just down the street from our house!  Now through ???? we have forsythia, cherry blossom branches, pussy willow and other faves.  If I were planning a wedding in Seattle, I would pick a date in late February and fill the venue with CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  They just make me happy.  They make everyone happy, and how could they not?  Matt and I went for a walk last Sunday, and it was near 60 degrees and sunny, with the ever-so faint fragrance of..hmmm, what’s that…smells like spring.  Ahhhhh…the Seattle area is a great place to be in the spring :)